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open call for supporters


Dear Community of Potential Supporters,

RRLI is seeking support from values-based, like-minded donors and grantors who wish to contribute to an equitable, decolonized, and community-led movement for effective and sustainable refugee responses. If you share these values, please reach out to us so that we can collaborate in supporting frontline refugee-led organizations (RLOs) who understand their communities' experiences and needs best. We need your participation in this journey.


Around the world, communities organize to advocate for better lives and futures for themselves, their children, families, loved ones, and neighbors. Refugee communities are no different; refugee-led organizations (“RLOs”) around the world work to improve the lives of community members and fight for sustainable solutions to the challenges they face, from legal status to access to education to addressing basic needs. 


But, these RLOs face significant challenges: the overwhelming majority (over 99%) of humanitarian funding goes to international actors, and less than 1% goes to local actors. Even less of that funding goes to refugee-led organizations, who may face barriers to funding such as lack of registration or inability to open a bank account.


The Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative (RRLI) came together two years ago with the mission of shifting power and resources to refugee-led organizations. During this time, our agenda for change has resonated with many, resulting in progress. Since 2021, we have committed or distributed over $10,000,000 in multi-year resources to 16 RLOs operating in five countries. As we reflect on this progress, we express our gratitude. The strength of movement leaders worldwide and the support of key allies have led to an emergence of more equitable and effective refugee responses.


Our conviction that RLOs should be uplifted has only strengthened, as the impact of these grants has been extraordinary. This does not come as a surprise. When we support refugee-led organizations in the ways they request, addressing the issues they prioritize, remarkable outcomes are achieved. With our convictions clear, we are eager to propel our movement even further.

So, we ask you to join us on this journey of creating a world where organizations led by refugees themselves are able to lead solutions to their communities’ challenges; where these organizations are sustainably resourced and able to participate in decisions affecting their communities. We want to hear from you if you identify with or are interested in the following:

  • You understand the importance of leadership from within refugee communities, as change is best created by those who have firsthand knowledge of what their community needs and are accountable to those communities as members themselves. 


  • You believe in equitable partnerships, where power dynamics shift from historically advantaged individuals to historically excluded individuals in every interaction.


  • You have a systems change mindset and are committed to examining and dismantling the structures and methods of financing and engagement that fail to recognize the profound knowledge and expertise of local organizations led by refugees.

  • You recognize the need for meaningful engagement with individual refugee-led organizations, as the success of individual RLOs contributes to the development of a robust movement for local leadership and community ownership of responses.


If this resonates with you, we would like to connect with you and sincerely appreciate your partnership in this movement for change. With your support, we can get critical funding to refugee-led organizations serving their communities around the world and help the sector understand the undeniable value and role of RLOs in addressing the needs of their own communities.

You can reach us at We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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