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Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative

Dignified, cost-effective solutions for millions of forcibly displaced people.

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who we are

We are a six organization-strong global coalition driven by the importance of transferring ownership and resources to refugee-led organizations.

what we do

Imagine that local refugee leaders had the funding and access to scale their impact.​ 


The Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative (RRLI) is realizing this vision.


We unlock funding for refugee-led organizations (RLOs) through the Refugee Leadership Fund


We strengthen refugee-led organizations by investing in people and systems



We advocate for the inclusion of forcibly displaced people and refugee-led organizations


We generate evidence on the impact of refugee-led organizations

latest posts

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our refugee leadership fund

We have established the first-of-its-kind Refugee Leadership Fund—a fund for refugees by refugees—housed within Asylum Access.


The fund will aggregate contributions and redistribute them to RLOs around the world.



Refugee-led organizations (RLOs) are facilitating inclusion in host communities with awareness outsiders don’t have, and driving solutions for people outsiders can’t reach. But, they rarely have the resources — funding, operational elements and political influence — to maximize impact. 

This initiative addresses this resource gap.


our advocacy

We partner with key donors to examine the policies and practices that set parameters for RLO access to funding. Through this examination, we offer implementation-ready solutions that can dismantle the barriers (e.g. bank account access, funding ceilings, thematic limitations, language requirements) that make financing for RLOs difficult. 

We have specifically engaged UNHCR to improve their internal policies relating to refugee inclusion and partnerships with local and refugee-led civil society. Read our open letter to UNHCR through the link below.


our key supporters

our vision

RRLI envisions a world in which all people who have experienced forced displacement have agency over their lives and access to solutions that rebuild their lives with dignity.

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